About Us


Dr Amy Shang

Co-Founder & CEO

Hey there, I'm Amy :) 

Thank you for visiting our page!

We are mamas & education researchers from University of Oxford, Cambridge & Hong Kong.


As I write this intro, my 3 year old is screaming & my 2 months old is crying at the same time... we get it, we know raising little ones are full of up and downs. 


As mamas, we try really hard to provide the best for our kids, but parenting is difficult, in many cases, exhausting with little support.


This is why we started CooCoo, we want to make parenting simpler & more enjoyable, starting with story time. Because we know how important it is to read & bond in the early years to give our little ones the best start in life. 


Our mission: supporting mamas & papas on the parenting journey to provide a magical childhood for every kid. 

Meet Our Team


Jeanne Zheng


Co-Founder &

Chief Content Officer

"Hi parents! I am Jeanne. I studied Child Development and Education at the University of Oxford for my Masters & currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Educational Psychology at the University of Hong Kong.


As a researcher, parenting blogger & teacher, I am constantly amazed by how young children develop and learn. 

Being a passionate reader and having developed a reading habit at an age as early as 3,  I benefit greatly from reading and finds enormous joy in it.


Benefiting from the enriched reading environment provided by my parents, I was obsessed with stories and books - my parents and I would go to wholesale bookstore monthly and each time they would purchase 10+ books for me and I would finish them in a week - probably that’s why I was able to recognise more than 1600 Chinese characters before primary school. 


With my personal experience and years of study in the field, I deeply understand the importance of early year education. Together with the CooCoo team, I aspire to support parents/caregivers in raising joyful, curious, capable, and self-driven little readers and empower them to live their best & magical lives!"


Emily Huang

Co-Founder & 


"Dear mamas, great to meet you here! As a full-time mum with three young children, I totally feel how tough motherhood could be! I'm familiar with the rollercoaster feelings of joy and worries of raising little ones. Just like many of you, I think reading is critical for children’s development so I am dedicated on taking my children to the library despite all the hectic logistics involved.

When Amy approached me about CooCoo's mission & brought the prototype for my's little ones, I immediately knew that this solution will help so many more families.


Now, as CooCoo's Co-Founder & first customer, I am extremely excited to empower more parents to prepare their children to have the best start in life. 


Trained as an engineer, I hold a BSc in Systems Engineering at Loughborough University & MSc in Systems Engineering Management at University College London.


Prior to becoming a full time mum, I worked in the construction industry for 2 years in Asia."


Dr Amy Shang

Co-Founder &


"Before becoming a mama, I was a PhD researcher in Engineering at Cambridge University and worked at Tesla developing Tesla's Superchargers in Europe & Asia. 

Like many parents, I knew reading with my baby was important to bond and stimulate their development, so I bought a bunch of children's books for her. To my disappointment, my girl wasn't very interested in the books I picked & used them mainly as chewing toys... 

Frustrated... I had a chat with friend Jeanne who is an early years expert and found out that I've been buying the wrong books that's not really suitable for her development stage...

Determined...I spent hours trying to select the right stories & learn about how to engage with little ones during reading. All these efforts was worth it, when one day, my then 2 year old girl suddenly said to me "mama, I love you to the moon & backkk!" after reading Guess How Much I Love You together.

I felt so much joy. 

As a working new mama, I struggled with time. There is so much to learn, from burping to picking the right school... After a passionate chat about parenting with Jeanne, we decided to launch CooCoo. We want to make parenting simpler and more enjoyable for you, starting from story time." 


Ling Pan

Co-Founder &

Senior Advisor

"Hi fellow mamas & papas, I am Ling. After graduating from University of Cambridge, I worked for a number of top Financial Information and Solution providers for more than a decade.

As a mother who cared deeply about education, I introduced the magnificent world of picture books to my 10 year old son soon after his birth. Over the years, reading has transformed him into a budding linguist, passing the Chinese Calligraphy Grade 6 exam & Cambridge PET English exam at 9, while achieving solid A+ results across all subjects at school.


More importantly, I am so delighted to see that he is growing to become a kind young man who is passionate about learning the unknown.

 Fascinated by the power of education, I recently became Certified Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom Facilitator.


I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Automation from Tsinghua University and Master’s degree in Manufacturing Modelling from the University of Bath."