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Why We Started CooCoo?

Thank you mamas & papas for dropping by! 

CooCoo exists because of my daughter...

This is our story...

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Dr Amy Shang

CEO & Co-Founder


I was really busy at work when my daughter was born..

after completing my PhD in Engineering

@ Cambridge, I was working at Tesla...

0-12m (2).png

But as a new mama, I had so many questions...

1 what do you do when she screams in pubic?

2 potty training ??


0-12m (3).png

I had to google what to do about tantrums at 2 am... after she's asleep & when I finish my work...

I tried to follow what I read online but it did't work...

it was exhausting...

0-12m (4).png

So I had a coffee with my friend Jeanne...

who studied Early Childhood Education @Oxford & PhD @HKU

0-12m (5).png
0-12m (6).png

Jeanne told me...

we need to acknowledge her emotions first if she screams in public......

and story is a powerful tool for parenting...

Through girl understood what is "ANGRY" ...

& to breathe in & out like the princess in the story...

0-12m (7).png
0-12m (8).png

I was so happy about her progress, so I shared the booklist with my friend Emily - a mama of 3 ...

who had the same problem!

... her kids loved the books about emotions...& started to fall in love with storytime...

0-12m (9).png

so I thought why not share with more mamas & papas?! ...luckily, Jeanne & Emily loved my crazy idea..

So 3 of us started regular coffee dates...library dates...& CooCoo was born!

0-12m (10).png

Fast forward to today, thousands of mamas & papas are using our service...

And we've received funding & award from HKU &

HK science & technology park

0-12m (11).png

& I welcomed my second recently...

totally understand the sleepless nights

new mamas & papas are going through...

0-12m (12).png

So glad that we could support more parents through CooCoo!

Thank you so much for reading about our story, join our mailing list so you don't miss our new service updates for your little ones :)

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